The semi-professional producer from Manchester.

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Welcome to Lucidium

I'm a music producer from Manchester, in the UK. I specialise in many genres, including Trance, EDM, Drum & Bass and not forgetting good old Eurodance.

This site doubles as both a site showcasing my releases, and a special site allowing producers to access remix packs and special producer-only assets like special mixes available for DJ sets. If there isn't anything there, you are able to submit a request.

Producer Assets

If you're interested in remixing one of my songs, I'm very honored. You can download assets like remix packs from this site, all you need to do is fill out create an account, search my database for the song, and fill out an application form. I will usually allow a remix, but in certain rare circumstances, I may make an exception.

If you want to include my songs in a DJ set mix, you can also find and request extended and DJ Tool mixes that aren't currently available to the public. Please read my guidelines.

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